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Are you a grower looking or wanting to learn how the Jersey Fresh brand can help you? Are you a retailer looking to source fruits and vegetables from local, NJ farms? You’ve come to the right place.

Jersey Fresh Quality Grading Program

Established in 1984 by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Jersey Fresh is an advertising, promotional and quality grading program designed to help New Jersey farmers inform consumers about the availability and variety of fruits and vegetables grown in the Garden State. Through the many years of the program, consumers’ awareness of the importance of locally grown produce has increased, and it has become the benchmark for other states to initiate their own state-grown agricultural marketing programs. The Jersey Fresh message has reached nearly every state in the nation and in many countries abroad with special emphasis on consumers along the Eastern Seaboard from Richmond, Va., to Montreal, Quebec, where the campaign was translated into French to accommodate this important New Jersey market.

Why Jersey Fresh

The program helps New Jersey growers stand out in an increasingly competitive regional and national marketplace. By offering Jersey Fresh quality graded produce, retailers can be assured they are providing their customers with the high-quality produce they desire. In-store promotional efforts often emphasize Jersey Fresh produce, pointing consumers to the locally grown produce they enjoy.

How to Participate in Jersey Fresh

You must become licensed to use the Jersey Fresh logo on your products and packages. The logo indicates that the contents have been inspected and meet quality standards equal to or better than U.S. No. 1. To become part of the Jersey Fresh program you simply need to register with the Quality Grading Program.

Jersey Fresh

Homegrown by Heroes

Homegrown By Heroes (HBH) is a marketing/branding program that provides farmer veterans a distinctive label they may affix on their agricultural products to be displayed to the consumer at point of sale. It is designed to augment any branding already used by an FVC member. The label will inform consumers that the product was produced in the United States by a veteran who served our country in the military. New Jersey is an official state partner of the Homegrown by Heroes program to promote the HBH label within our state.

Who is eligible to use “Jersey Fresh Homegrown By Heroes”?
Any veteran or active duty member of the United States Armed Forces, having served honorably, without regard to age or era of duty.

Participating veterans must demonstrate a minimum 50% ownership stake and at least 50% managerial control of the farm business that produces goods on which the mark will appear. FVC’s staff will be prepared to help each veteran meet these qualifications.

Visit the Homegrown by Heroes website for additional eligibility requirements and to apply. Or to learn more about eligibility and supporting paperwork requirements, email

In addition to applying for HBH, you must be registered with the Jersey Fresh Quality Grading Program.

Why join the label?
A national label on your products can allow you to charge a premium on your product. Certified HBH producers receive priority consultation support for food safety, business and personal financial advice, legal advice and career development advice through FVC. Also, HBH producers receive marketing support, including collateral and other marketing materials at minimal cost. Finally, FVC’s national HBH marketing campaign will create national and local exposure to the HBH label for producers to leverage.

To learn more about the program and apply, visit the Farmer Veteran Coalition.

Made with Jersey Fresh

Companies who produce food or beverage items using New Jersey’s agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, milk, wine and honey that are inspected through the New Jersey Department of Agriculture’s (NJDA) Jersey Fresh Quality Grading program may utilize the “Made with Jersey Fresh” logo on their packaging and promotional materials as long as they follow the application process and become licensed to do so.

Availability & Forecast Report

This weekly report provides an update on the availability of Jersey Fresh produce in the wholesale market including what Jersey Fresh produce is available now, an idea of what is going to be available in about 2 to 4 weeks as well as a current weather report. 
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