Generation Farmer: 4th

Farm: Holtzhauser Farms (Charles Holtzhauser & Son)

Date Farm Established:  1897 when Edward Holtzhauser married Emma Chattain whose family owned a farm.

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I took over the farm at age 31 when my father passed away. We grow 32 varities of yellow, white and donut peaches.  I have been honored to win the Governor’s Cup several times along with numerous Best of Shows and 1st Place awards.  I am currently a member of the Farm Bureau and was a past director for the New Jersey Peach Promotion Council.

What is something unique about your farm or business?

People travel for hours to get our peaches, especially the donut peaches.  Our peaches have traveled all over the United States via our customers, even to Alaska. 

What is your favorite thing to grow?

All my peaches are my favorites, every variety!

What is your favorite recipe or cooking technique using Jersey Fresh?

Anything mom makes with peaches. If a customer asks, we will share her recipes. Popular one is peach and blueberry pie! A definite fan favorite.

“Peach Farms are few and far between these days. I am proud to be a farmer, and I love my job.”

Tom Holtzhauser, Sr.

Jersey Fresh Farmer, Holtzhauser Farm

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