Grilled Jersey Sweet Corn


1 dozen Ears Jersey Fresh Sweet Corn
3 oz Queso Fresco, grated
1 lb butter
1/2 medium lime, juiced plus 12 lime wedges, for serving
1 Tb ancho chile powder
1 tsp New Mexico red chili powder (or any chili powder)
2 tsp Jersey Fresh garlic, minced


5m prep time / 7m cook time

1. Make the Garlic Chile Butter by bringing the butter to room temperature. Place the butter in mixing bowl and add chile powders, lime juice and garlic and mix on low speed until incorporated.
2. Shuck the corn removing outer husk and tying back inner husks to use for handle. Place on hot grill to cook, watching closely. Cook just until the kernels get golden brown about 7 minutes. Remove from heat.
3. Place a spoonful of butter onto a soft tortilla. Roll the corn in the tortilla to evenly coat with the Garlic Chile Butter. If you don't have a tortilla, use a spatula or knife to spread the butter on the corn.
4. Sprinkle with Queso Fresco and serve with a lime wedge.

Jersey Fresh Product(s) Used: Corn

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