Jersey Fresh

The Jersey Fresh program is designed to help New Jersey farmers inform consumers about the availability and variety of fruits and vegetables grown in the Garden State through 3 areas: Advertising, Promotion and Quality Grading:

Advertising. A diverse advertising campaign is planned and scheduled each season and has included TV, radio, outdoor, print, digital and social advertisements. In-store point-of-purchase displays, promotional materials and this interactive website aim to remind and educate consumers about the availability of locally grown products.

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Promotion. The New Jersey Department of Agriculture team continually strives to bring Jersey Fresh to all who want it by working with and establishing relationships between farmers and restaurants, schools, colleges, big box stores, local communities, hotels, hospitals and more.

Quality Grading. Growers must become licensed to use the Jersey Fresh logo on their packages. The logo indicates that the contents meet quality standards equal to or better than U.S. No. 1. This inspection standard adds a quality assurance note to the overall Jersey Fresh marketing program that is welcomed by wholesale produce buyers and consumers who want high quality products that are uniformly sized and consistently packed.

The Benefits of Using the “Jersey Fresh” Logo
The Jersey Fresh program has been in existence for more than 30 years. During that time, countless hours and millions of dollars have been invested to create and promote the brand as well as communicate the importance of buying local products and supporting New Jersey farmers.

According to a recent survey, the Jersey Fresh brand presence is strong, and both awareness and purchasing of the brand is high. Jersey Fresh retains a very positive image similar to that of other produce giants like Dole and Chiquita. The study also shows that consumers associate Jersey Fresh labeling with freshness and local production. Produce identified as Jersey Fresh like tomatoes, corn and blueberries are more likely to be considered superior to those of other states.

How to Enroll in Jersey Fresh Program
Growers must become licensed to use the Jersey Fresh logo on their packages. The logo indicates that the contents meet quality standards equal to or better than U.S. No. 1. With food safety and quality uppermost in consumers’ minds, the commodity inspection and grading service offered by the department is particularly important. Inspections and certifications at packing houses and processing facilities help guarantee that the products being shipped or processed meet all grade standards so that the commodities can be shipped domestically and internationally.

Application Process

1. Complete the Application For Use Of The ‘Jersey Fresh’ Label/Mark On Packages

2. Mail the completed form and a $30 check made out to “New Jersey Farm Products Publicity Fund” to the address located on the top of the application.

3. The NJDA shall approve or deny your application within 20 days of receipt.

4. If approved, your Grower/Producer, Packer/Processor and/or Distributor locations and facilities will be inspected.

5. If you pass inspection, you will receive a registration number and the logo electronically in order to be incorporated into your package design. NOTE: Use of the logo is granted for the period of one year.

6. A yearly report of the number of containers packed under the program is mandatory to maintain the license.


Chris Kleinguenther
New Jersey Department of Agriculture
Division of Marketing and Development
(856) 839-3388

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