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For a food processor to utilize the Made with “Jersey Fresh” logo, they must first become licensed to use the Jersey Fresh logo. Then, they must use products that are inspected through the Jersey Fresh Quality Grading Program. Those products must adhere to specific criteria for grading and quality.

Companies who produce food or beverage items using New Jersey’s agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, milk, wine and honey that are inspected through the New Jersey Department of Agriculture’s (NJDA) Jersey Fresh Quality Grading program may utilize the “Made with Jersey Fresh” logo on their packaging and promotional materials as long as they follow the application process and become licensed to do so.

Application Process

1. Complete the Application For Use Of The ‘Jersey Fresh’ Label/Mark On Packages

2. Mail the completed form and a $30 check made out to “New Jersey Farm Products Publicity Fund” to the address located on the top of the application.

3. The NJDA shall approve or deny your application within 20 days of receipt. Inspection of your Grower/Producer, Packer/Processor and/or Distributor locations and facilities might be necessary as all parties must be licensed under the Made with Jersey Fresh program.

4. If approved, you will receive a registration number and the logo electronically in order to be incorporated into your package design. NOTE: Use of the logo is granted for the period of one year and the package design must be submitted and approved by the NJDA prior to production.

5. A yearly report of the number of containers packed under the program is mandatory to maintain the license.


Anne Marie Ference
New Jersey Department of Agriculture
Division of Marketing and Development


For more information, see the Made with Jersey Fresh regulations.

Existing Made with Jersey Fresh licensee?

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