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Kohlrabi or cabbage turnip, tastes like a mixture of cucumber and mild broccoli. Baby kohlrabi can be as crisp and juicy as an apple. Bulbs can be purple or green, with white flesh. They can be eaten raw (like jicama) or cooked. Leaves can be cooked like collard greens.

How to Select

Choose firm kolhrabi globes that are heavy for their size and firm, without bruises or cracks.

How to Store

Wash leaves, then refrigerate in a plastic bag wrapped in paper towels for up to 3 days. Refrigerate globes for up to 10 days- wash before using.

Nutrition Benefits

Fat free, cholesterol free, very low sodium, low calorie, an excellent source of vitamin C and good source of fiber.

In season from 4/20-11/30

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