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WEATHER REPORT (June 24, 2019): 

According to NJ State Climatologist David Robinson of Rutgers University, “March 2019 had a wide variety of weather conditions across the Garden State. The month came in like a lion, with a week of wintry weather, which was particularly snowy in northern and central regions. More snow fell than in any other month this season while the remainder of the month was often lamb-like, including four days with high temperatures exceeding 70° at many locations and six in the 60°s. The statewide monthly temperature averaged 39.7°,  1.1° below the 1981–2010 average, yet it was 1.5° warmer than last March 2018. The statewide average rain and melted snow totaled 3.91”, 0.20” below the 1981–2010 average, yet it is .75” less precipitation less than last March 2018. In a nutshell, it was warmer and drier than last March 2018. Because of those conditions, our farmers were able to get their tilling & planting started on time this season.  “April was quite mild, though conditions did include a mix of chilly and warm spells, sunny and dreary days, and even some nasty spring thunderstorms and gusty winds. The 54.7° average was 3.8° above the 1981–2010 mean and ranked 4th mildest. Six of the top ten and nine of the top 20 mildest Aprils have occurred since 2002. Precipitation was about as average as can be. The statewide average of 3.95” was 0.04” below the 1981–2010 average ”. According to Dr. Robinson, “As was seen earlier this spring, rainfall was quite persistent during a good portion of May. However, unlike April, it was not just a matter of frequency but ultimately, quantity that made for soggy conditions in the fifth month of 2019. The statewide average precipitation was 6.70”, which is 2.71” above the 1981–2010 mean. This made for the 9th wettest May since records commenced in 1895. The northern half of NJ was wettest, averaging 8.69” (+4.35”), making it the 3rd wettest on record. Only May 1989 (10.13”) and 1984 (9.79”) saw more rain. The south averaged 5.52” (+1.72”), ranking 17th wettest. The wet conditions were accompanied by above average temperatures. The 62.7° statewide average was 2.1° above the 1981–2010 mean. This ranked as the 19th mildest May on record (tied with 1985). However, it is only the 8th warmest May since 2004. Ten of the past 12 months have been above average. Our farmers were hampered in their field work, planting, and harvesting in May. We’re slightly earlier than average for the progress of our Jersey Fresh produce season, and we’re certainly at least a week or two earlier than last year at this time. It just seems like we’re much ahead of a normal schedule because last year was several weeks late.

We welcome Summer this week with much warmer temperatures in the upper 80’s and low 90’s with no rain even in the forecast. Let’s get out there and enjoy our pick your own farms and the many roadside stands and community farmers markets that are held around the state.

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