WEATHER REPORT (September 26, 2022):

According to NJ State Climatologist David Robinson of Rutgers University, “Much like this past July, August was a hotter and drier month than normal. Despite a June with rather close-to-normal numbers, the two most recent months brought the summer temperature and precipitation to top-10 levels for hot and dry conditions. More on summer ’22 later in this report, but first to discuss is a record hot and quite dry August.

The August average temperature of 77.4° was 3.8° above the 1991–2020 normal, ranking as the hottest on record. Eight of the ten warmest Augusts since 1895 have occurred since 2001. The average maximum of 88.5° was 4.7° above normal, the hottest on record, while the average minimum of 66.2° was 2.9° above normal, tied for 5th warmest. North Jersey averaged 75.7° (+3.8°, warmest on record), the south 78.4° (+3.8°, warmest on record), and the coast 77.9° (+3.2°, 3rd warmest).” More…

Cooler nights and mid-80 days made ideal growing conditions for most items. The future weather overall looks good with a couple days of rain mixed in and temps holding in the 70s with nights going down into 40s-50s. This will stunt some growth on vegetables like cukes, peppers and eggplants, but items like lettuce and cooking greens will do well in this weather.

Please try to get out and support our New Jersey farmers by visiting on-farm markets, roadside stands and community farmers markets that are held around the state. Find a market near you. 








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