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WEATHER REPORT (October 15, 2019):

NJ State Climatologist Dr. David Robinson of Rutgers University found that September was the driest month in NJ since February 2009. The 1.21” received was 2.84” below the 1981–2010 average & ranked as the 7th driest September since records commenced in 1895. Conditions were driest in the north, averaging 1.06”, which is 3.41” below normal. Above-average temperatures also helped to dry things out in September. The 69.1° statewide average for September was 3.3° above the 1981–2010 mean. This ranks as the 8th warmest September over the past 125 years.

This week starts with a seasonally average temperature of 68 which will increase a couple of degrees tomorrow before a cool & moist front moves in and brings rain & cooler temperatures into the low 60’s through Saturday. Our soils are dry so the rain tomorrow is helpful. We need to start glancing at the overnight temperatures as frost is coming within the next couple of weeks. Overnight temperature in the 40’s are already slowing down Summer produce items & herbs that are still in season. Cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, Summer squash, sweet corn, basil and mint are winding down with the cooling temperatures so you might want to get some of these while they’re still available. Conversely, hardier cool weather produce such as apples, sweet potatoes, lettuces, greens, and hard squashes are being harvested in good volume right now. It will be another beautiful cool Fall weekend to be outside in an orchard, with many varieties of apples available at your local farm.  Please try to get out and enjoy a pick your own farm or one of the many roadside stands and community farmers markets that are held around the state. Find a market near you. 

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