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2019 #FindJerseyFresh Photo Challenge

The 2019 #FindJerseyFresh Photo Challenge winner is Sarah Licata of the food blog Salt Jar whose winning photograph of Jersey tomatoes was taken at the Burlington County Agricultural Center’s Farmers Market.

Sarah’s “#1 food rule is local first because enjoying the harvest of seasonal, local food is healthiest for your body and for your mind.” Sarah has spent her summer exploring different NJ markets, and at Salt Jar, you will find the seasonal recipes she made inspired by the Jersey Fresh produce she found. Sarah picked a $500 gift card to AT Buzby Farm as her grand prize.

Congrats Sarah, and a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the photo challenge this season!



Jersey Freshcipes Recipe Contest, Tomato Edition 

The Jersey Freshcipes Recipe Contest, Tomato Edition Winners are:

Lisa Bernstein of Scotch Plains’ Cheesy Italian Stuffed Tomatoes



Fran Stanley of Whitehouse Station’s Summery Jersey Fresh Tomato Salad

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