Generation Farmer: 6th

Farm and Brewery: Bullock Farms and Screamin’ Hill Brewery

Date Farm Established: 1860

Brett Bullock is a 6th generation farmer and co-founder of New Jersey’s first farm brewery, Screamin’ Hill. He grew up on Bullock Farms, a 170-acre farm founded in 1860 in Cream Ridge, NJ. After graduating from University of Vermont with a degree in Plant and Soil Science and spending 8 years working in sales and production for ornamental tree nurseries, he returned to his roots and joined his family’s farming business.

A love of home brewing and an interest in expanding his family’s growing agri-tourism business led Brett to open Screamin’ Hill with his partners. ‘From our fields to your glass’ is the company’s ethos, everything starts and ends with this principle. Screamin’ Hill is located on the farm, in a rustic old red barn turned taproom, and harkens back to a time in America when life was simple, when farmers brewed with what was at hand from the year’s harvest. The name comes from local lore, when the preachers up the hill held services so bellowing that they could be heard far away. The locals started calling the place Screamin’ Hill, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Many of the brewery’s ingredients like grain, a small amount of hops, and ancillary ingredients for seasonal beers like pumpkins, tomatoes and peppers are grown right on the farm. The result is fresh, high-quality ales and lagers that are enjoyed on premises with the beautiful farm backdrop.

What is something unique about your farm or business?

We are the first farm brewery in NJ.  We are still the only brewery in NJ that grows its own grain.  

What is your favorite product you produce?

Bullock’s Lager is a helles style lager. Our version of this style is brewed with a single malt recipe, and very little hops to allow the flavor and aroma of the malt to be the focus of the beer. We are really proud to grow our own grain, the soul of beer. Bullocks Lager is named for the farm that grows the grain, our family farm.  I love the simplicity of this beer, and the identifiable malt characteristics that come directly from our fields.  

What is your favorite meal and Jersey Fresh beer pairing?

My favorite beer and meal paring is our amber ale, Rusty Farmer with any kind of BBQ.  Rusty Farmer is dangerously good with something even as simple as a burger.  The nutty and toasty malt flavors, and light drinkability make it a perfect pair for something out of the smoker.

“Malt is the soul of beer”

Brett Bullock

Farmer at Bullock Farms, Co-owner at Screamin’ Hill Brewery

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