Generation Farmer: 4th

Farm: Robson’s Farm

Date Farm Established:  Robson’s Farm was originally established in 1932 and then again in 2013.

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I had the great privilege of growing up on a farm. I never thought I’d actively be a farmer myself but in 2013 I re-started Robson’s Farm 6 years after my parents farm closed. We are always trying new things, experimenting, and introducing customers to a wide range of products. We grow PawPaws (the nations largest native fruit), quince, currants, cotton and a host of other fun items…yes we grow normal things like red tomatoes and yellow peaches too! Our focus is specialty cut flower production, orchard fruit and vegetables.
What is something unique about your farm or business?

We offer one of the only diverse U-Pick Cut flower opportunities in the state. Bring your girlfriend, bring your bridal party, bring your kids! We also have a 110 tree pawpaw orchard and grow apples that are hot pink on the inside.

What is your favorite thing to grow?

Peaches! There’s nothing better than a ripe peach off the tree.

What is your favorite recipe or cooking technique using Jersey Fresh?

We have a few favorite recipes at the farm.

1. My grandma’s peach cobbler recipe,

2. Get your hands on some NJ Honey and try the salted honey pie, and

3. The Peach Ricotta Cake is really great too and super easy.

“Everyone, every day should take an interest in agriculture. It not only grew your breakfast, lunch, and dinner; it grew your pants too.” (as everyone forgets that their jeans literally started out by a farmer planting a seed)
Rose Robson

Jersey Fresh Farmer, Robson's Farm

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