Generation Farmer: 2nd

Farm: A.T. Buzby Farm

Date Farm Established: 1981

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I am a farmer with an engineering degree, and I use engineering practices to build equipment and solve problems on the farm. I chose farming as a profession because of the satisfaction that comes from working with my family and producing something as essential as food. I consider myself a total nerd who enjoys physics and reading equipment specification sheets. My other interests include hiking, biking, dirt bikes and snowboarding.
What is something unique about your farm or business?

Our farm is unique in that we are a young farm. This is not a family tradition that we dutifully fulfill, it’s our passion!

What is your favorite thing to grow?

Strawberries are my favorite crop. I’m not sure if that’s because strawberry season is so short and always leaves me wanting more, or simply because strawberries are just delicious!

What is your favorite recipe or cooking technique using Jersey Fresh?

Tomato Pie is my favorite summer treat!

“Food is a very personal thing. When you eat food, you take it inside of you and it becomes part of you. You are what you eat. I find it humbling that people would trust me to provide them with healthy food. I take that responsibility very seriously.”
Eric Buzby

Jersey Fresh Farmer, A.T. Buzby Farm

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